Dad Jokes About Math

Dad Jokes About Math. Understanding the beauty of math. When kids want to laugh, they don't usually turn to their math books for jokes.

The X Factor Dad Jokes Funny Math Jokes Math Humor
The X Factor Dad Jokes Funny Math Jokes Math Humor from
Tell them to the kiddos next time they're frustrated by math homework. Because the p is silent. I don't understand why you'd want to kill so many innocent people! the professor laughs and explains that he never wanted to blow up the plane;

In fact, he was trying to save them all.

You thought math was serious business.but turns out, math jokes are totally a thing! Science jokes force listeners to use their noggins, and kids will inevitably have questions — about how black holes are formed, how tectonic plates shift, and what the heck tungsten is. And for more laughs, check out our favorite grammar jokes and science jokes. Choose the joke that fits the event.

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